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How Does It Work?

The www.youcangiveback.com site is powered by CharityEZ (www.charityez.org). CharityEZ is FREE software for registered 501(c)3 charities. We don't feel that charities should have to pay money every month to a software company when they have a mission to help others. That's just NOT RIGHT.

CharityEZ is an easy-to-use application for charities that will track any "needs" they have and automatically put those needs available to the public site: www.youcangiveback.com. These needs may include volunteers, donated items or financial help to run their charity.

The CharityEZ software also tracks donations, volunteers, sponsors, events and has an advanced scheduling module with a built in kiosk system.

Why Build the Site?

We have always heard people asking: WHERE can I donate items and volunteer time? (Retired people, Veterans who want to give back, businesses, high school students in NHS and lots of people who JUST want to make a difference!!) So, we created a site to help everyone help each other!

By providing a platform that is extremely easy to use, we are trying to let the charities do what they do best - HELP OTHERS!

We are motivated by a desire to contribute to a cause that we care about and to make a positive difference in the world. We also care about the environment and are sick of watching gently used furniture and household goods get thrown in the trash - let's reuse and give to charities instead of dumping on mother nature.


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