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Date Entered: 03-05-2024

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Our Mighty Mom's and Fearless Fatherhood programs aim to provide support and resources to parents as they navigate the challenges of raising children. Our programs are designed to empower parents and help them build strong, healthy, and happy families. \n \nThe Mighty Mom's program is specifically tailored to the needs of mothers. It offers a range of resources, including parenting tips, support groups, and educational workshops on topics such as child development, nutrition, and self-care. Our program helps mothers connect with other moms and build a network of support, which can be invaluable during the ups and downs of parenthood. \n \nThe Fearless Fatherhood program is geared toward fathers and focuses on helping them become more active and engaged parents. Our program provides resources on topics such as effective communication, discipline, and building strong relationships with their children.

Monetary Donation

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